Decentralizing Cloud Storage

$ZCN mining and delegation service on 0Chain blockchain.

Earn passive income by becoming a decentralized cloud storage service provider!

3-step, set and forget...

how does it work?

Simple! Instead of owning a car and driving people around, you provide decentralized cloud data storage service!
You do this by owning $ZCN (0Chain) mining equipment or delegate your $ZCN to our miners!

let's compare to uber drivers...

UBER (taxi)

  • INVESTMENT + RUNNING COSTS (Car, Insurance, Fuel, Mainenance):  < ~ $20.000
  • INCOME: ~ $20 – $25 / Hour
  • ANNUAL INCOME: ~ $20.000 – $25.000
  • TIME INVESTED: ~ 15 – 20 Hours / Week

DataUber + 0Chain

  • INVESTMENT + RUNNING COSTS ($ZCN Miner, Sharder, and Blobber mining rig, Mainenance): $5.000 – $25.000 (50TB-500TB) 
  • ANNUAL INCOME: ~ $14.000 – $140.000
  • TIME INVESTED: ~ 0 Hours / Week (all done for you)

Higher upside revenue potenital with lower investment and 0 time spent!


There are several ways to earn ZCN on 0ChainNet (0Chain blockchain)

* NOTE: There are plenty of factors involved in the specific amount of reward that a Service Provider receives on each service — so, no “exact” rate of reward can be predicted! Above rewards are estimations based on the following assumptions:

  • Any user who locks any amount of ZCN will earn an annualized 10% interest upfront.
  • Additional rewards for Miners and Sharders can be estimated at roughly 2% of circulating supply per year for each active set.
  • An active set consist of 100 miners + 30 sharders.
  • Additional reward for blobbers is much less exact since it depends on the number of customers a blobber is servicing, and at what rate a Blobber is charging for service. Given this, it’s more reliable to analyze the return in fiat, with the assumption that (1) Blobber is charging 80% of AWS rate,  (2)the market price of the ZCN from the beginning of the storage agreement is the same as when it concludes, and (3) Blobbing at half capacity for the duration of the year.

“Never depend on a single income, make an investment to create a second source.”

Warren Buffet



(your $ZCN to our mining operation)
we keep: 15% of proft


contact us for latest offer
  • 3 mining rig options available: Miner / Miner + Sharder/ Miner + Sharder + Blobber
  • STAKE YOUR OWN $ZCN: your profit
  • WE LEND YOU $ZCN: we keep 50% of the profit
  • ANNUAL FEE: equipment set up, maintenance, colocation facility, upgrades

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